October 8, 2020

Can you feel it? Change is coming! But we canít bring change everywhere except Santa Monica. Our city also needs change!

Our City Council incumbents have brought us unsustainable growth, gridlocked traffic, less open space, punishing costs to residents for water, and financial chaos. Under their watch downtown was sacked with no police response while non-looters were tear-gassed and thereís still been zero accountability. (Unlike L.A. which already has completed its investigation.)

We need new Council members; community activists who arenít beholden to developers, police unions and other special interests.

Thatís why we urge you to vote for: Phil Brock, Mario Fonda-Bonardi, and Christine Parra for City Council

Residents agree: Santa Monica is a Mess

A recent poll revealed most residents are unhappy with how our city is run. No wonder. Link to poll

Santa Monica is broke.

Our cityís finances were a mess before the coronavirus. Years of poor planning, recklessly unfunded pensions, and expenditures way beyond those of similar-sized California cities, have pushed our city into a financial abyss.

We have one of the highest sales taxes in the state. Generous Santa Monica voters pass tax increases just about every election cycle.

Weíre willing to pay taxes, even high taxes, but we expect financial competency in return, and a City Council that can provide services to keep our City safe and clean.

Our City Council Works for Developers, Not Residents. Full Stop.

Seriously, this isnít even an opinion, just look at their actions.

This City Council is negotiating to give away our public land on 4th and Arizona to a private developer, ignoring residents who, more than two-to-one, urged that this public land be used for a public purpose. And Council is breaking the law to do it. Read our page here

The incumbents claim to support renters. But when the billionaire owner of the Miramar came calling to double the size of his hotel, who do you think Council listened to, the neighbors, mostly renters, who objected to this new hotelís impact on their community, or the developer?

The developer. Itís always the developer.

Council gave the developer everything it wanted, including almost 200,000 square feet of condos it can sell to the super wealthy, without seriously negotiating for anything in return. No real public benefits for Santa Monicans, and no mitigation for the neighbors who will have to live next to this new, massive thing.

You wouldnít send this bunch to negotiate a car lease. Can we really give them four more years to negotiate the future of our city?

We need change.

We need a City Council that will work for us and serve with integrity.


Please vote for Phil Brock, Mario Fonda-Bonardi, and Christine Parra for City Council. And spread the word!