October 29, 2018

SMCLC Endorses Himmelrich for Council and Measure TL

SMCLC highly recommends two votes on our local ballot: (1) for re-election of our outstanding City Councilmember Sue Himmelrich, and (2) for Measure TL, the residents' Measure for reasonable Council term limits.

Sue Himmelrich for City Council 

Sue shares our reasonable growth and transparency goals. She has been a strong voice on the Council to hold developers accountable for the impacts of their projects. Sue opposes the proposed massive development on City owned land at 4th and Arizona, and 130-foot tall hotels on Ocean Avenue.

In just one term on the Council, through her leadership, we have a lobbyist ordinance, an ethics code and an audit committee to try to address a growing bureaucracy and rising pension obligations. Sue is a formidable advocate for affordable housing. She is easily reachable and very engaged with our community.

Measure TL for Reasonable Council Term Limits 
Over the last quarter century ALL but two Councilmembers have been re-elected. The tremendous power of incumbency has been fueled locally by massive support from special interests, mostly developers (and their richly funded PACS) -- with highly profitable business to be decided upon by these very Councilmembers. This degrades our democratic institutions. Residents are regularly left out.

Virtual life tenures lead to a lack of independence, new ideas and energy needed to solve the serious and growing problems our City faces.

Measure TL would set reasonable 12-year term Council limits going forward. This Santa Monica measure is near the end of the ballot, so please remember to vote the whole ballot.