Downtown: Proposals and Critique

SMCLC has just sent the Planning Commission and City Council our proposals for a better Downtown Plan and a critique of the City’s plan called the DCP (“Downtown Community Plan.”) The DCP now goes to the Planning Commission and is set to go to the Council in June.

Many of you came to the City’s rollout of the DCP last week to learn more about it. The City is aware of just how important getting the Downtown development right under a plan is to residents.

Here’s our take: The DCP proposes fast-track approval, with limited community input, for most downtown development, and 3 massive projects, defined by luxury hotels, soaring to 130 feet, two along Ocean Avenue and one redefining the center of downtown. The total new building would surpass 3,000,000 sq. ft. in our small 6 by 8 block downtown. There would be too little true public open space. Increased traffic gridlock and congestion would follow.

Please read our attached letter, with its proposals to rationalize our planning and review process and to limit the excessive development at the core of the DCP.

Here are our Proposals and Critique.

Thank you for following this closely.