December 17, 2012

SMCLC Joins Westside in Opposition to Massive Casden Project

Casden, the Westside developer, proposes a 784,564 square foot project (266,800 square feet of commercial uses and 518,764 square feet of 538 residential units). The project is estimated to generate 14,000 new daily car trips in this Santa Monica adjacent area, that would cripple mobility throughout the Westwide and Santa Monica.

SMCLC believes that this project is way too big for its surroundings, is not the right mix of commercial and residential uses and has unacceptable regional traffic impacts that must be mitigated and can be mitigated through a better, smaller project. An SMCLC representative attended an L.A. planning hearing on December 5th, met with Westside leaders opposed to the project, has asked our City to comment on the project Final Environmental Impact Report, and SMCLC has filed these objections with the L.A. Hearing Officer.

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